Music by John van Loon

The Fields


componist(en): J. van Loon

tijdsduur: 4:15

releasedatum: 1 Maart 2014




Cellos performed by Saskia Le Poole
Song inspired by the movie Yossi and Jagger from Eytan Fox.


I rest in grieving.
I’m a soul as you.
I write my name on the stone.
I write your name.
Amidst the rain I feel the waves.
I am so cold, I am so alone.

I sense so many things here in my heart.
I wait for you to come, come back to me.
I am like a wave in the sea.
Here on the fields
I can feel your heart beat.
Here on the fields we are home.

My dear...
My love...
My true love...