Music by John van Loon

Guflux has an official web shop at Bandcamp, where you can buy downloads, CD’s and merchandise.


Producer Jamez co-wrote many of the songs on Dark Moon and together with Guflux forms Dark Territory and Lemonsoul.

Jamez »

Multi-talented Australian musician Charles Fenech co-wrote Ey Maah, and his voice is heard on the Sorrow remix.

Charles Fenech »

Sepideh was born in Iran. Her vocals express the happiness, pain, love, hope, nostalgia, and memories that haunt her in life.

Sepideh Vahidi »

Sensory Gate from Italy did an amazing version of Tora Firome. Guflux can also be heard on their song Kyrie (Prayer for the Lost).

Sensory Gate »

Dutch photoshop wizard Dracorubio that created all Moon and Syzygy artwork.

Dracorubio »

Beautiful photography by Simon Kuyvenhoven, an inspiration for the album ‘Synaesthesia’.

Colors of the Jungle »

iPhone-artist Mariette Schrijver created the cover art for Encaged, Sorrow (Club Mix), and also the video for Sorrow.

Mariette Schrijver »

Ah Cama-Sotz, the dark electronic pioneer from Belgium. Next to music, bats and cats are his passion.

Ah Cama-Sotz »

AngelTheory is the musical child of Australian producer and DJ Charles Fenech.
Technique, keys, bass, drums…

AngelTheory »

God’s Bow from Poland are set to release their new album in 2014. For Guflux they remixed the track Vrijdag.

God’s Bow »

Irfan from Bulgaria create beautiful world music with electronic influences. Their new album will be released in fall 2014.

Irfan »

The Italian guitarist Manguss is a true virtuoso. You can hear him play on the Sensory Gate version of Tora Firome.

Manguss »

Marvin Ayres features on the Sygyzy EP. His cello parts are a key element of the track Terra Nivium.

Marvin Ayres »

Sara Noxx is a poet and a musician from Germany. Die Geschichte einer Blume would not be the same without her voice.

Sara Noxx »

Tonikom originates from the USA. Her electronics, which can be heard in the Freyja Mix, are seductive but treacherous.

Tonikom »

Dutch psychedelic trance DJ Zen Mechanics plays all around the world, and is a mean producer alongside.

Zen Mechanics »

In 2014 the ‘Noise Out Of Your Head’-symposium was held, to create exposure for hearing conditions tinnitus and hyperacusis.

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