Music by John van Loon

Herrie uit je Hoofd


MusiciansJohn van Loon, Saskia Le Poole, Eelco Menkveld
Where & WhenMuzyQ Amsterdam, March 26th 2014.


1. Dawn Of Deliverance
2. Just Another Day (video)

IMG_9692_sans_mimOn the 26th of March, in collaboration with Bureau Timmermans and the NVVS (Dutch Hearing Association), Music Motion organized the symposium Herrie uit je Hoofd (Noise out of your Head) about treatment possibilities for hearing conditions like tinnitus and hyperacusis.

These conditions, which are relatively unknown, need to get more attention, especially amongst musicians. These past few years the sincerity of hearing conditions and how to prevent them were mainly advertised, but treatment has been neglected. During the symposium we díd talk about this, because there are solutions for living with these conditions, or even treating them.

The symposium was initiated by Dutch musician John van Loon. He experienced both afflictions and it even forced him to discontinue all musical activities. But after extensive treatment he regained control of his hearing and was able to finish his CD New Moon after all. To celebrate this victory and to present the album, it was decided to organize a special symposium, where musicians, specialist from the medical field, and other interested people were welcomed. More information and a full report in Dutch can be found on the official website.