Music by John van Loon

Just Another Day 2019

Here it is: the atmospheric new version of Just Another Day, the song with which John heralded a new musical era ten years ago. Now with Saskia Le Poole on cello.

During live performances of the song, John has always been accompanied by Saskia Le Poole on cello. And we thought it was time to finally immortalize her melodies.

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Mutate (The Mutilation Remixes)

From Jamez’s collaboration with Guflux spawns Mutate. Last November saw the release of the Mutation EP on Rough Cut records.

More remixes, with a darker electronic approach, now come to you on the Mutilation EP.

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Mutate (The Mutation Remixes)

From Jamez’s collaboration with Guflux spawns Mutate, now released as an EP on Rough Cut records, a sublabel of Touché Records.

To make Mutate suitable for the dance floor, Sender, Tatoine, Loophole and Guflux himself remixed the track. Enjoy The Mutation.

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Synaesthesia out today!

The new Guflux album Synaesthesia is out today!

Special thanks to Saskia Le Poole for her lush cello sounds on the album, Marjolein Groenewegen for her vocals on the track ‘Luz’, to Peter Villevoye for his design, and last but not least to Colors of the Jungle, who inspired me with his beautiful photography and allowed me to use it for the cover of the album.

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Kirsi, featuring Saskia Le Poole

I’m excited to announce the second single of 2016: ‘Kirsi, featuring Saskia Le Poole’

The song is melancholic yet colorful, and it evolves around the lush cello melodies of Saskia. The single is featured on the forthcoming album ‘Synaesthesia’, and it is now available for streaming and downloading through all major stores world wide.

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Sorrow (AngelTheory’s Club Mix)

The Sorrow (Club Mix) is a pounding remix created by Australian musician Charles Fenech. The new single is now available for streaming and download on all major stores world wide.

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Sorrow (Video)

Mariette Schrijver, who created the awesome cover for Encaged, went wild with her iPhone Art visuals. And suddenly there was a video for Sorrow (Club Mix).

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Encaged EP

Encaged EP


The brand new Guflux-EP Encaged: a collection of five songs I have been working on during the last couple of months, with a little help from my friends Jamez, AngelTheory and Wanda Wulz.

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Guflux in the Garden

On the 10th of september Guflux will give an exclusive performance in the garden of ‘Het Klein Huis ter Hart’ in Utrecht. Accompanied by Saskia le Poole on cello, John will perform several songs from his album ‘New Moon’.

Starts at 20.00, entrance is free. Limited seats.

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Syzygy EP released on 20th March

Syzygy Cover Art

On the day of the solar eclipse, Guflux brings you the Syzygy EP.

The 7-track Syzygy EP is the final quarter in Guflux’s moon cycle, and an epilogue to 2014’s New Moon and Dark Moon. The EP unfolds with Sorrow (Sanctification Edit), to further entice you with the Solar Remix of Laika by Charles Fenech. After this trip into the unknown, British cello player Marvin Ayres accompanies you to Terra Nivium with his haunting ambient sounds.

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