Music by John van Loon



Due to health issues, which have started in March 2008, John had to discontinue all musical activities from then on. He has come down with a severe intolerance to sound, a condition known as hyperacusis, cause unknown.

Because of this, John was no longer able to do many things that involve sound. Common things, like listening to music, watching television, being in a room with other people, using household equipment like vacuum cleaners or washing machines, or going out to face the world.

All this time John kept hope that one day all would change for the better. Even though there is no cure for this condition, hyperacusis is a treatable challenge which can be beaten!

We are now half a year later, and John is doing much better. Currently he is undergoing special treatment in Belgium and his hearing is slowly but steadily recovering. We have good hope that given more time and rest, he will be back into business next year.

Due to these circumstances, we have decided to postpone the release of the double album Blue Moon until further notice.