Music by John van Loon

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Newsletter #8 – New release: The Syzygy EP

As the moon blocks out the sun, Guflux brings you the Syzygy EP.

The 7-track Syzygy EP is the final quarter in Guflux’s moon cycle, and an epilogue to 2014’s New Moon and Dark Moon.

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Newsletter #3 – Guflux releases ‘Ey Maah’

Guflux releases single Ey Maah, featuring Sepideh Vahidi.

Guflux releases the single Ey Maah on the 13th of June 2014.
The song features the beautiful voice of Iranian singer Sepideh Vahidi.

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Newsletter (NL) – Uitzending ‘Altijd Wat’

Altijd Wat over tinnitus – dinsdag 13 mei, 20.50 uur, Nederland 2

Op dinsdagavond 13 mei besteedt het programma Altijd Wat van de NCRV -wederom- aandacht aan tinnitus.

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Newsletter #2 – Guflux releases ‘Just Another Day’

Guflux release single Just Another Day

Guflux releases the single Just Another Day on the 29th of April.
The song was played live at the symposium Herrie uit je Hoofd.

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Newsletter #1 – Guflux releases ‘Blue Moon’

Guflux releases new double album Blue Moon

After years of absence on the musical front John van Loon returns as Guflux with the release of his double album Blue Moon.

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