Music by John van Loon

Encaged EP

Release: december 21st, 2015 | Label: Guflu Industries | Cat. no: GUF-GX08 | Tracks: 5 | Format: digital

Here it is: the brand new Guflux-EP Encaged: a collection of five songs I have been working on during the last couple of months, with a little help from my friends Jamez, AngelTheory and Wanda Wulz.

Special thanks goes out to Mariette Schrijver, who did a marvelous job in creating the cover art, remixing a photo that was taken by Dracorubio for the Syzygy-photoshoot.

Encaged is more electronic and less ethereal than New Moon. So play it loud (not too loud), dance to it, and feel free. And because you’re special, it’s a free download at Bandcamp !