Music by John van Loon


Release: Sept 26th, 2019 | Label: Guflu Industries | Cat. no: GUF-GX13 | Tracks: 9 | Format: digital 

Metachrosis1. (zoology) The ability of some animals to change color by the expansion and contraction of chromatophores.
2. (music) The latest Guflux album: a collection of reinterpretations, remixes and originals.

Guflux decided to shine a different light on his music and asked several fellow musicians to do the same. This resulted in the colorful musical palette and full length album Metachrosis. Expect a symbiosis of electronic and organic sounds that will make you wanna dream and dance at the same time.

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All songs written by John van Loon.
All cellos performed by Saskia Le Poole.
Track 2: Voices by Marjolein Groenewegen, lyrics by Simon Kuyvenhoven, remix by Sender.
Track 3 & 7: Add. remix and production: Charles Fenech.
Track 4: Remixed by Guflux from a remix by Zadique.
Track 5b: Additional remix and production by Jamez.

Photography “Eye”: Kees Wagenaars.
Cover design: Studea.